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Alarm Finder Tracer Buzzer for RC Models

Alarm Finder Tracer Buzzer for RC Models
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Alarm Finder Tracer Buzzer for RC Lost


With this device, you can easily locate and find your lost Racing Quad, Plane,  Helicopter, etc.. The effective range for this tracer is over 50 meters.Simply turn off your TX, the tracer will start to scream (just like the engine sound of the real airplane) You can find your beloved plane by following the lead. Suitable for All PPM/FM, PCM/FM, AM Tx/Rx

Installation :
Share signal channel from any Servo unit Instructions: Connect the alarm between the servo and the receiver, i.e. act as a servo extension cord Turn on your TX. and you will hear 2 beep sound Do not move any of the control stick on the TX or simply turn off the the TX. You will hear a continuous beep sound after 1 minute. It will stop once you turn on your TX or move the control stick If you ignore the continuous beep sound for around 2minutes, the beep sound will change to a louder V sound You need to disconnect the alarm from the receiver in order to switch off the alarm

What you Get:

1 x Alarm Finder Tracer Buzzer for r/c Models

Product Information
General InfoAlert Level : 85dB ( like jet-plane engines sound)
Power Informations
Voltage - Current< 35 mA (1 mA at standby mode)
Voltage4-6 volts DC
Size and Weight Informations
Size (L * W * H)17 x 13 x 10mm

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