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Button Head screw M6x16mm x10pcs -Silver

Button Head screw M6x16mm x10pcs -Silver
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Button Socket cap head screw have large cylindrical head with recessed hex-shaped drives. They have metric thread (25.4mm equal to 1 inch). Hexagon socket drive screws have a hexagon shaped recess in the head and are driven with hex-tools.

What you Get:
10 x Socket Button Head Screw Stainless Steel
Technical Information
RecommendedThe Socket Button Head screws are ideal for precision work with close tolerances and applications needing a well tooled appearance.
Product Information
Product TypeButton Head Socket -M5
TipsThe first number is the width & the second number is the length. As an example, an M3x40mm is 3mm wide by 40mm long. (do not count the head as part of the length)
MaterialStainless Steel
In DepthDrive Type: Hex Tool M2mm, Socket Button Head 5.7mm, Head Depth: 1.65mm. Pitch: 0.5mm
ColorSilver Oxide
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