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Button Head screw M6x16mm x10pcs -Silver

Button Head screw M6x16mm x10pcs -Silver
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Button Socket cap head screw have large cylindrical head with recessed hex-shaped drives. They have metric thread (25.4mm equal to 1 inch). Hexagon socket drive screws have a hexagon shaped recess in the head and are driven with hex-tools.

What you Get:
10 x Socket Button Head Screw Stainless Steel
Technical Information
RecommendedThe Socket Button Head screws are ideal for precision work with close tolerances and applications needing a well tooled appearance.
Product Information
Product TypeButton Head Socket -M5
TipsThe first number is the width & the second number is the length. As an example, an M3x40mm is 3mm wide by 40mm long. (do not count the head as part of the length)
In DepthDrive Type: Hex Tool M2mm, Socket Button Head 5.7mm, Head Depth: 1.65mm. Pitch: 0.5mm
ColorSilver Oxide
Product Specification
MaterialStainless Steel
Size and Weight Informations

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