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Carbon Fiber Frame with CNC Boom Clamps F333x2mm -Combo

Carbon Fiber Frame with CNC Boom Clamps F333x2mm -Combo
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The UAVrc Carbon Fiber Frame with CNC Boom Clamps for 25mm Tubes, is a high Quality all in one Professional Multicopters Frame for DIY Drones. Designed from scratch by uavRC team. Unique in the market today, due that you can assembling (build) your own style DIY frame in almost ALL configuration frames available today. For example you can (build) the followings:

  • Quadcopter (X4 or +4, or X8, or +8)
  • Tricopter (Y3, or Y6)
  • Hexacopter
  • Octocopter
  • V-Tail (many configurations you can build)
  • Inspire Style
  • H-Frame
  • T-Frame 

NEM Main board has the following advantages:

  • Significantly Light Weight for this Board with size 333mm x 333mm 
  • High Strength due to 2.0mm Thickness of Carbon Fiber
  • Ready for NEM's BOOM Clamp /Blocks for diameter 25mm
  • Ready to accept NEM's Folding Mechanism with four (4) Variable Pitches for your CF 25mm Tube for Motor Arm
  • NEM has the full range of spare parts for this board to build your DIY multicopter frame.

What you Get:
2 x Board F333mm x 2.0mm Thickness Carbon Fiber 3K Twill Matte finish
and CNC Boom Clamps (choose in option the configuration)
and Stainless Screws M3x45mm (qty according to option)
and Steel Secure Nuts for M3mm (qty according to option)

What you will Need to Build a Multicopter Frame:

  • Carbon Fiber or Alumium Tube/Pipe 25mm diameter
  • Motor Mounts for F25mm round Tubes
  • Aluminum Standoff L30xD5xM3 (qty according to configuration)
  • PCB Power Board
  • Screws, Nuts, etc..

Product Information
In DepthTensil Strength of Carbon Fiber, (example: CF T700S (epoxy composite) is 2550 Mpa, almost twice stronger than Steel (alloy AISI5130) 1275Mpa and Aluminum (7075-T6) 570Mpa Carbon is almost 4.5 times stronger!
ColorBlack Matte Finish
Product Specification
MaterialPure Carbon Fiber Plate 3K Twill, Military Specifications
Size and Weight Informations
DimensionsLength 333mm, Wide 333mm, Thickness 2.0mm
WeightOctocopter: 618 grams (with screws & nuts), Hexacopter: 560 grams (with screws & nuts), Quadcopter: 500 grams (with screws & nuts)

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