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Chassis Mechanism for 25mm Round Tube -Set

Chassis Mechanism for 25mm Round Tube -Set
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Folding Mechanism Adjustable with 4 points can use it for:

  • Steering the Drone-arms
  • Landing Gear system

Folding Mechanism Adjustable with 4 points for D25mm Round Tubes. Manufactured from high tensile Aluminium alloy CNC Processed. The UAVrc Folding Mechanism provides a firm fixing between Frame and Tube.  This mechanism is available to fit 25mm (0,98") diameter round tubes.This part Designed from scratch and made by uavRC for professional MulticoptersCNC Processed Aluminum Alloy for Side-Parts (Frame) and Boom Part for F25mm Tubes/Boom/Pipe. Designed and Made by NEM for large size quality and strong Multicopters that use F25mm Tube/Pipe as Motor Arm.

NEM's Folding system Providing the correct installation for a Folding system with high quality DIY Multicopter. Benefits:

  • Extra Strength
  • Firmly and Secure Installation
  • Light Weight
  • CNC Machined parts

What you Get:
1 x Folding mechanism (boom Holder+plates), unassembled
2 x Shoulder screw F3.4 x L40mm x M3x4mm
1 x Standoff Tube F5 x L28mm for M3 screw
4 x Washer F3.4 x 7 x 0.5mm Stainless steel
1 x Washer F3 x 6 x 0.5mm Stainless steel
1 x M3x15mm Button Head Stainless screw
2 x M3x8mm Button Head stainless steel screws
2 x F3x8mm Blind Rivet ALU/Steel
3 x M3 Secure Nuts Steel

Product Information
ColorBlack Anodized
Product Specification
MaterialAluminum Alloy 6061T6 CNC Processed

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