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DJI BTU (Bluetooth) Module for NAZA-M V2

DJI BTU (Bluetooth) Module for NAZA-M V2
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DJI BTU Module (bluetooth) for Naza-M V2 controller

The BTU (Bluetooth Module) & Naza-M assistant software now provides an interface for the iPhone4s, iPhone5, iPad3, iPad4, iPad mini & iPod5 meaning that your are able too make parameter adjustments at any time using the BTU & your mobile device(s), using only the BTU with the built-in Bluetooth module which makes it easier and more convenient than packing a laptop to take to the field.

The BTU uses a low power Bluetooth Module to minimize the power consumption of your mobile devices and flight battery. It's easy to use and will automatically save your last connection records. The password protection ensures your link to the BTU is sfe at all times. The parameters can be automatically synchronized to the Cloud Server which allows settings to be restored immediately when you change your mobile device(s).

DJI BTU Module Specifications:
  • Built-in Bluetooth(4.0)
  • Working Temperature: -10 - +50 c
  • Communication Distance: 50m
  • Weight: 17g
  • Power Consumption: 240mw(0.04A@6V)high data rate,
  • stable performance,
  • strong anti-interference capability, and
  • long communication distance.

What you Get:
1 x DJI BTU Module
Size and Weight Informations
Weight17 grams

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