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Brushless Motor 4114-390KV built-in ESC 40A Opto BL-Heli

Brushless Motor 4114-390KV built-in ESC 40A Opto BL-Heli
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A real innovative creation to solve the New Technology (2:1) Brushless Motor with ESC in one device.!

This new Technology offer you:

  • Less wiring to your Power System
  • Low Interferences (best for your FC and other electronic devices)
  • More efficient, Great Stability (no compatibility issues for your esc and motor)
  • Save room on the space limited multicopter
  • Super Fast Response
  • Stator made with 0.2mm Silicon Steel laminate, best result for Current Loss
  • Built-in Reversing Switch for rotation
  • BL-HELI Firmware to the ESC (high resolution)
  • More efficient with NdFeB High Temperature rated magnets
  • Best Value for your Money

What you Get:
1 x Brushless Motor 4114-390KV with Integrated ESC 40A OPTO BL-HELI Firmware
1 x CNC Propeller Adapter CW black color
1 x CNC Propeller Adapter CCW black color
1 x CNC Propeller Adapter for T-Type Props black color

Technical Information
Configuration24N22P (24 Stators x 22 Magnets)
Product Information
Product TypeIntegrated Brushless (Motor with ESC)
In DepthThe stators are made with 0.2mm laminations to give maximum efficiency and minimum Eddy current losses. The stators are epoxy coated to prevent shorts and are wound with wire that is rated at 180 degrees C (356 F). The magnets used in ZTW-NEMhobby Motors are custom manufactured (NdFeB ) to be able to withstand high temperatures, making a motor that is virtually impossible to burn up in normal use.
Power Informations
Voltage - CurrentThis Power system build-in with ESC 40A OPTO 2~6s Lipo, so it has the maximum efficiency, (525 Watts) almost none interference, best cooling and the best GS factor than separate Motor and ESC
Watt Power525
ResolutionMotor Resistance: 0.15ohm, ESC Resistance: 0.002ohm, Idle Current: 0.1A
Voltage3~6s Lipo
Product Specification
MaterialCNC proceed Aluminum Alloy for the case of motor, best dynamic balances.
Size and Weight Informations
Prop Size13~18 inch
DimensionsStator Size: 40.6 x 14mm, Rotor Diameter: 47mm, Shaft Diameter: 4mm, Servo Cable (JR) Length: 600mm, Power Cables Length 600mm
Weight218 grams

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