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Accessories for Transmitters and Receivers
Brand: OEM Model: APA-FC111AFL
Alarm Finder Tracer Buzzer for RC LostIntroduction:With this device, you can easily locate and find your lost Racing Quad, Plane,  Helicopter, etc.. The effective range for this tracer is over 50 meters.Simply turn off your TX, the tracer will start to scream (just like the engine sound of the ..
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Model: APA-FC033DLC2A
Electronic switch supports high-power LED lights, up to 2A. Dual switch can be set to a different operating modeProduct Features:2 channel work modeExternal power supply: 2.5V-25VCurrent Output: 2AWork mode: ON, OFF, ON, OFFWhat you Get:1 x Dual LED Controller 2 Channels 2A..
Ex Tax:5.00€
Brand: OEM Model: ERSP-ES30A6SL
Introduction:This module is a nice little relay switch controlled by a spare auxiliary channel on your receiver. Ideal for switching lights, sound, and any other auxiliary electrical items. When PWM duty is more than 1500us, the switch will turn on; when PWM duty is less than 1400us, the switch w..
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Brand: OEM Model: APA-SRB24V5A
Sort Description:Servo Signal Reverser can be used in line (Receiver-Servo Signal Reverse-Servo) to reverse the rotation of your servo. Servo inverter, suitable for Servos and ESC (up to 5Amps). You can make the forward servo to reverse rotation. Connected in series (Receiver to Servo). No longer ..
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Brand: OEM Model: APA-SRB6V2A
Sort Description: Servo inverter, suitable for Servos and ESC (up to 2Amps). You can make the forward servo to reverse rotation. Connected in series (Receiver to Servo). No longer have trouble to Rverse the rotation of your servo.Usage:To Reverse the Rotation of your Servo, example: for V-Tail..
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Brand: OEM Model: ERSP-SBUS16CH
DIY SBUS to 16-channel PWM Converter SBUS TO PWM / PPM Decoder Two Way PPMSort Description:SBUS to PWM / PPM Decoder, can output 16 channels using the SBUS port. If 16 PWM channel outputs are used, it can work in combination with the frequency dual receiver, but use SBUS to PWM. Support compute..
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Brand: OEM Model: ERSP-SBUS8CH
Sort Description:This module's supports up to 20V input. It adopts a 32-bit single-chip microcomputer to complete signal acquisition, processing, conversion, stability and speed far-faster than ordinary 8-bit single-chip microcomputers. The input signal is automatically recognized without manual swi..
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