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Shrinkable Heat Tube 25mm x 1 meter -Transparent

Shrinkable Heat Tube 25mm x 1 meter -Transparent
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Clear Heat Shrink Tube Electrical Sleeving Car Cable Wire Heatshrink Tubing Wrap. We don't cut the wire if you will order above 1m
Size: 25mm
Length: 250mm/550mmx1 meter
General purpose polyolefin heat shrink, with a 2:1 shrinkage rate this tube shrinks to half of its diameter when heated.
Stated sizes are the internal diameters prior to shrinking.
High quality, cost effective, commercial grade for electrical, electronic, automotive and general industrial markets.
High strength and resilience.
Minimum Shrinkage Temperature ~ +70 Degrees C
Full Recovery Temperature ~ +100 Degrees
Tensile Strength ~ 14Mpa
Dielectric Strength ~ 20kv/mm
Due to the way heat shrink tube is manufactured it is often a little larger than its stated pre-shrunk size, however the tube will always shrink to 50% of the stated pre-shrunk size.

What you Get:
1 x Shrinkable Heat Tube 25mm x 1 meter -Transparent color

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