In this Frame we will use 3 parts:
- CNC Hub Connector
- CNC Motor Mount
- Carbon Fiber Tube 25mm diameter

We Manufactured above parts from high tensile Aluminium alloy CNC Processed. Provides a firm fixing between two perpendicular bars/tubes. Thise parts are available to fit to any Carbon Fiber Tube 25mm (0,98") diameter.
Thise parts Designed and Made by NEM for professional Multicopters.

NEM T-Style Boom Clamp / Motor Mount, providing the correct installation of your Frameless Drone chassis. You Can use it to built a drone without use any frame, to steering your Motor Arm, etc..


  •     Fit to any Carbon Fiber or Aluminium Tube 25mm diameter
  •     Firmly and Secure Installation
  •     Extra Stength, Light Weight
  •     T-Clamp at fixed 90 degree angle for round tubes
  •     Motor Mount can be use also as Twin motors (up/down)
  •     Mounting holes to fix to work surface
  •    Open design allows sample clearance to screws.