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HQProp 13x5" Props Self-Ttightening CW+CCW -Inspire

HQProp 13x5" Self-Tightening Composite Propellers CW+CCW (normal and reverse) rotation for MultiRotors flyers especial for DJI Inspire

The Propeller Hub is self-tightening to fit exactly in DJI Inspire Motor shaft. The Props are Well-Balanced, Extra Durability, Strength, & Light Weight in affordable price.!

What you Get:
1 x HQProp 13x5" Self-Tightening CW (clockwise) 
1 x HQProp 13x5" Self-Tightening CCW (counter-clockwise)

Technical Information
Prop Hub OD/IDfor DJI Inspire Motor Shaft, Self-Tightening
Product Information
Product Specification
MaterialCarbon Composite (Reinforced with Plastic/Nylon)
Size and Weight Informations
Prop Size13 x5 inch
Weight17grams /per prop

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