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GemFan 12x3.8" Carbon-Nylon Propellers Set -CW/CCW -Black

GemFan Carbon with Nylon Reinforced Propellers (normal and reverse) rotation for MultiRotors flyers.

The Propeller Hub in back side, design to accept Adaptor Ring (including) to fit exactly in your motor shaft, also you can reamed out easily (front Hub) to bigger size hole as back side hole. The Props are Well-Balanced, Extra Durability, Strength, & Light Weight in affordable price.!

What you Get:
1 x Gefman Slowfly Prop 12x3.8" CW (clockwise) 
1 x Gefman Slowfly Prop 12x3.8" CCW (counter-clockwise)
2 x Adapter Ring for different Shaft Motors: 3,4,5,6 and 8mm

Technical Information
Prop Hub OD/ID9.5mm (back) 6.0mm front hub. Thickness 10mm
Product Information
Product Specification
MaterialCarbon Composite (Reinforced with Nylon)
Size and Weight Informations
Prop Size12x3.8 inch
Weight10grams /per prop

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