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Typhon Basic Version set -Open UAV Platform designed & Made by NEM

Typhon Basic Version set -Open UAV Platform designed & Made by NEM
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Typhon Basic Version
Designed and Made by nem.
All Parts are in stock. We can do many versions. Basic Version can be Quadcopter or Octocopter. It has the extra Mounting plates for Dual Motor Mount.
Basic Chassis Version Diameter 890mm motor to motor:diagonal.
(All parts are without any screws and nuts. All Carbon Fiber Tubes are ~500mm)

What you Get:
Weights, No Screws and Nuts:
4x CNC Motor Mount (30g x4) = 120g
4x CNC HUB Connector (44g x4) = 176g
4x Carbon Fiber 3K Tube φ25mm x 500mm = 226g
4x Carbon Fiber 3K Tube φ8mm x 245mm = 31g
4 x Standoff φ5.9mm, Length 64mm M3 screw = 17g
1 x Carbon Fiber 3k Plate 300x200x2mm = 185g
4 x Nylon Boom Clamps φ25mm = 10g

Total Weight of Typhon Chassis:
Quadcopter: 390 grams
Octocopter: 426 grams

Much Stronger  comparing with any Multicopter in the same size that exists in the World market.
Perfectly Accurate Dimensions in any aspect of frame
One of the World Lightest-STONG Frame in 800 size that you can buy with a BEST price

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